Product Manufacturer: HyperX
Estimated Time With Gear:
30+ hours

What Is It?: Wired Headset for Console, PC
Compatible With:
PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo Switch, Mac, iOS, Android, and more

The Cloud Alpha from HyperX was originally released in 2017. While not the newest headset on the market, it features updated specifications based upon the teams’ learnings from previous generations of headsets. Bringing a distinctive sound, this is one of their best headsets to date.

The Cloud Alphas are comfortable and contoured to my head, and they sit over my ears with a minimal adjustment while also allowing me to wear them with my glasses without discomfort, which I have felt with other headsets. The leatherette covered foam was soft and non-abrasive while also large enough to fit around the ears and firmly on the side of my head. The top foam pad kept it all in place while never feeling weighty. Topping off the design with the red aluminium highlights gives the headset a race car vibe and styling while also making it feel sturdy and unlikely to break.  

More than just a pretty headset, the Cloud Alphas, most importantly, sound great. I tested them in various situations during my time with the headset, from gaming, music, and movies. The headset performed above and beyond my hopes. The 50mm driver working in conjunction with the dual chambers makes listening to various types of music and sounds even more involving. The dual-chamber allows for a better mix and a real distinction in the sound quality. While typing out this review, I am also enjoying the Peacemaker soundtrack. The headset comes with a detachable microphone, which is clear, crisp and able to be quickly muted with the flick of a switch on the headsets cable. The noise-cancelling on the headset works quite well, I was often using it in a noisy environment with neighbours mowing the lawn or dogs barking, and it kept the majority of all the sounds clear while not needing to be placed on the highest volume setting. I also tested the microphone in-game and through discord, with most players and friends telling me that I could be heard clearly, which is always a plus.

During my time with the headset, I tested them on various devices at my disposal, the Nintendo Switch, PS5 and PC. Unfortunately, I found the cable was a tad short for my liking when using it on the PC, as I have access to a four-pin socket on the front, and the 1.3m cable was just shy of being used comfortably. While not being the end of the world, it made it harder to use and ultimately made me switch to another device or use it via the connected controller. 

The Cloud Alphas come with various accessories in the box, a travel bag, an extension cable with mic and headphone separator for the rear of the PC and the detachable microphone. The cables are braided, and the microphone comes with a foam filter cover to prevent popping. These cables are all gold-tipped and have a look and feel of quality while giving a firm and crisp feeling when using them. The headset cable also comes with an inline volume adjustment and mute switch for the microphone. While the switch caught me out once or twice, the volume control was helpful but didn’t feel as nice as the rest of the headset. 

While this is my first published headset review, I have had many a headset in the past, ranging from Logitech to SteelSeries brands. This headset ranks up there with them firstly through comfort and secondly through the audible sensations it produces. While I got the pleasure of reviewing the red and black models, they also come in a full black version and a white model with purple highlights, and for those who prefer to be untethered, there is a wireless version available at a higher cost. 

The HyperX Cloud Alpha is a great headset at a modest price; while not my first choice for PC, it has real appeal. While not beating some of its wireless counterparts, I found the headset to be more than capable in a multitude of settings while feeling tough enough to be thrown into a bag for some on the go gaming, music listening or movie watching. My preference will remain with a wireless setup for my go-to, but this headset will be coming along on more of my journeys.