Long-time readers and listeners of Explosion Network will know that I’ve been very excited about Bayonetta 3 for years, and I’m very excited to get my hands on the game myself today. Thankfully I don’t have anything to worry about as most of the reviews I’ve pursued state it’s everything fans would want, and maybe more.

From the insane antics of Bayonetta herself to the insane spectacle of some of the fight set pieces and all the wacky anime-like characters that come with, Bayonetta 3 is more Bayonetta, according to reviews. And that’s certainly not a bad thing. Amidst the voice-actor drama, some may have been worried the new performance by Jennifer Hale could be distracting, but only a handful of writers seem to note being able to tell the difference. I’ve seen hints at some storyline choices that let the game down in the last act, but otherwise, the going word is that Bayonetta 3 is everything a fan like myself could want. I’ll be finding that out myself very soon, and hopefully, I don’t feel let down, but it sounds like I won’t be.

Here’s what Australian critics are saying about the game. 

Koalaty Critics – Australia Critics 

AusGamers – 7/10 (Steve Farrelly)

“Bayonetta 3 — even by Bayonetta standards — is truly, truly over the top. Within just a few short minutes an inexplicable amount of chaos happens, not the least of which is a (un)Holy tsunami that not only floods Manhattan, New York, but also helps serve as a wave for Bayonetta to surf using a cruiseliner as her board.”

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Checkpoint Gaming – 8.5/10 (Edie W-K)

“If you were hoping for something wildly different from the third game in the series, you’ll be disappointed. However if all you wanted was more Bayonetta, you’ll sure as hell get it here. There are a good few additions to the combat that kicks things up a notch, like the Demon Masquerade ability that allows Bayonetta to unleash devastating demonic attacks during regular combo strings. Another ability, Demon Slave, allows Bayonetta to summon her demons at will and control them directly to deal massive damage. She is completely vulnerable when this is active and it drains magic power like crazy, but holy hell is it satisfying.”

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Player2 – B+ (Shaun Nicholls)

While it took me a while to wrap my head around the crazy world of Bayonetta 3, the fast combat had me hooked as I made my way from one combat encounter to the next. The different look and feel of the alternate worlds broke made for some exciting set pieces and the game ran smoothly whether I had it docked or was playing in handheld mode. I am sure fans of the Bayonetta series will find lots to enjoy about this instalment, and while it may be confusing to new players, if you just roll with the crazy you will find plenty of enjoyment and replayability.”

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Press Start – 9/10 (James Berich)

Bayonetta 3 is immaculately presented on the Switch. It’s arduous to even get games looking this good on hardware that is undoubtedly aging. But Platinum has done its best to get the most out of the Switch both on a technical and artistic level. The presentation, on the whole, scraps the garish Tim Burton-esque user interface for something much more refined and modern. Believe me when I say that scene transitions in Bayonetta 3 are easily the slickest on the Switch.”

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Stevivor – 9/10 (Matt Gosper)

The whole story is bombastic, loud, and just there to have a good time – just like me. What could be an extremely male-gaze-y perv-fest is instead played out with attention to the internal workings of its characters and their relationships, while always asking itself, “What’s the MOST fun thing to do right now?” It’s an approach that pays off handsomely, which is not something I thought I’d say about a lady wearing her own hair as a skirt – but here we are. Thanks for the good times, Bay – let’s hang out again soon.”

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Vooks – 4/5 (Paul Roberts)

Bayonetta 3 brings plenty of the series charm and excitement back after all these years. It meanders a little more than the previous game but still keeps the pace with the wild bombastic (and silly) sequences to keep you on your toes. It may have been a long time between games, but there’s enough to keep fans busy for some time.”

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WellPlayed – 8.5/10 – Ralph Panebianco

What you know you’ll get when you pick up Bayonetta 3 is an excellent character action game – weapons, enemies, combat, and combos. What you won’t know, and what you won’t ever be able to predict, is where this game will go next at any given moment – be that geographically, temporally, narratively, or with its perspective and even gameplay genre. Bayonetta 3 is a pulpy anthology of good times, totally unconcerned with limiting itself based on what might ‘fit’ or what might ‘make sense’.”

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