Most of us at Explosion Network have been obsessed with Marvel Snap since the beta was made available in Australia a couple of weeks ago. But one feature that was live at launch that I know I didn’t love and soon learned others didn’t either was the Nexus Events. Fortunately, developer Second Dinner has taken the criticism well and has done more than just remove the event.

Second Dinner is refunding all gold (to be clear, not the money spent buying the gold) on the RNG rewards within the Nexus Event. There were only two things players wanted, the ultra-rare Destroyer card, which can be found in the free-to-play unlocks but is still ultra-rate, and the exclusive Jane Foster card, which was locked behind the event. There was apparently a 1.5% chance of opening any of these in the random rewards.

Second Dinner will give the Jane Foster card to all players, even if they didn’t participate in the event itself. Players who spend gold on the Nexus Event will get it all back. And players who start the game in the future will be able to unlock the Jane Foster card in the third Pool of the unlock tiers. 

Most players I’ve seen express their feelings about the event wasn’t the lack of interest in spending money on a game they like but just wanting to do it in a genuine way and not a complete waste.