Roombo: First Blood contains an easy platinum trophy that you can grab in less than an hour. You probably won’t need much help grabbing all of the trophies, but in case you do, I have the tips you’ll need to know in this guide.

Trophy Difficulty: 1/10

  • Estimated Time To Platinum: 30-60 minutes

  • The Number of Missable Trophies: None


There’s only a handful of trophies in Roombo: First Blood and most attain to killing a burglar in a certain way. You can get 1-2 per level usually, maybe more. Either way, don’t worry as once you ‘beat’ the game you can play any level again as much as you’d like.



Much Love, Samurai Punk <3 (Platinum)
Attain all trophies for Roombo: First Blood

Earn all of the trophies and you’ll grab this shiny Platinum that comes with love from the developer, Samurai Punk.


First Blood (Bronze)
Kill a burglar

You’ll earn this in the first level and you have to kill 50 burglars on your way to ‘The Fourth Rule of Robotics’.


Ice To See You (Bronze)
Freeze a burglar

Lead a burglar to the fridge in the kitchen and trigger the trap in hack mode (triangle button) as they pass to freeze them.

See below for a visual explanation.


I’m Your Biggest Fan (Bronze)
Knock out a burglar with a fan

There’s a fan in every room in the house and multiple in the hallway. So your chances to get this in one level are plenty. You need to trigger the fan a second before the burglar following you steps underneath as the fan takes a moment to fall.

See below for a visual explanation.


Slippery Business (Silver)
Make a burglar slip on the soap bubbles

Throughout the house are sprinklers on the roof which you can hack (triangle button) to spray water on the ground. The water seems to stay on the ground until a burglar slips on the puddle, so this is the easiest trap the initiate.

See below for a visual explanation.


Za Warudo (Gold)
Throw a knife at a burglar while in hack mode

Inside the kitchen area, you’ll find a knife laying on the ground which you can suck up with the L1 button. Press L1 again to hold the knife and then you’re able to press R1 to throw the knife. Throw it while in hack mode (triangle button) to grab this trophy.

See below for visual explanation, just beware I had knocked the knife just outside the kitchen area before I picked it up.

Alternatively, there is a bonus level that unlocks after beating the game that fills the house with knives. And I mean FILLS the house with knives, which makes this trophy a breeze.


Find Me a Machhiato, Pronot! (Silver)
Attack a burglar with the coffee machine

Inside the kitchen is a coffee machine sitting on the bench. Lead burglar past it and trigger it inside hack mode (triangle button) to grab this trophy.

See below for a visual explanation.


The Cleansing (Silver)
Trap a burglar in the shower

There are two bathrooms inside the house, but this trophy is easier inside the once just above where you begin each level. Simply get a burglar to cheese you and lead them closely past its door before entering hack mode (triangle button) and having the shower… eat them?

See below for a visual explanation.


Fire Festival (Silver)
Use the fireplace on a burglar

At the NE corner of the house, you’ll find a fireplace in the dining room. Lead a burglar past it and hack (triangle button) the fireplace as they run past to earn this trophy.

See below for a visual explanation.


Window to Your Heart (Gold)
Hit a burglar with a window they’re trying to escape from

You can find windows all over the house to do this, but I found it easiest right at the start of any level as a burglar enters from the window closest to your starting position. Set off the water so that they slip and fall when they enter the house and then when they’re beginning to stand-up again, enter the hack menu (triangle button) and send the window flying in their face.

See below for a visual explanation.


Collateral Damage (Gold)
Hit more than one burglar with a single move

The last couple of levels of Roomba: First Blood features a ton of enemies to make this trophy very easy. There’s also many options and ways to take out two (or more) enemies at once. The easiest of which is the fireplace, as it has a wide area-of-effect and isn’t a small and easily miss-clicked thing to hack. So, to earn this trophy, get at least two burglars chasing you and lead them past the fireplace before entering the hack menu (triangle button) and setting them both alight.

See below for an explanation, and an example of how you can easily miss with the fans from the roof.


The Fourth Law of Robotics (Gold)
Kill 50 burglars

This will likely be the last trophy you’ll earn. It took me 3 & a half extra levels after finishing the games ‘campaign mission.’


Dead Aim (Gold)
Complete a level with over 90% trap accuracy

Not as hard as it sounds. Just play the first level where there is only one burglar and make sure you hit with all the traps you set-off.


Next to Godliness (Gold)
Complete a level with over 90% cleaned

As with ‘Dead Aim’ above, do this trophy on the first level and set off all the traps in the initial area as the burglar enters. Doing it this way means you won’t spill blood all over the house and you’ll be easily able to clean up the mess after dealing with the burglar.


Benny Hill (Gold)
Make a burglar chase you for 30 seconds

Do this at any level you want. Get a burglar’s attention and have them chase you for at least thirty seconds. The trophy din’’t pop for me until I stopped the chase by dropping a fan on their head, so just keep a count in your head for how long they’ve been chasing you.


S is For Smang (Gold)
Complete a level with an S+ rank

I earner this trophy along with ‘Dead Aim’ and ‘Next to Godliness’ in the first level. Get a 90+% hit-rate with your traps and clean up all the mess in the house and this trophy will be yours.


Christmas Miracle (Gold)
Complete all levels and unlock the gallery

There are only six main levels needed to unlock this trophy. Each level is set in the same house and simply introduces extra burglars to deal with.

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