Premium video game cult magazine/book publisher Lost In Cult has teamed up with Fangamer to release The Horror: MANSION.

This new hardcover book with 200+ pages examines the horror hits, cult classics, indie nightmares, and obscure curiosities from the dark pits of gaming from Resident Evil to House of the Dead.

The book contains interviews and essays around classic horror games like Resident Evil and Alone in the Dark, plus more like The 7th GuestAmnesia and more from Siren Head creator Trevor HendersonCitizen Sleeper creator Gareth Damien MartinUndertale creator Toby FoxPlastiboo, ThorHighHeelsJenn Frank, Pippin Barr, David Wolinsky, Gita Jackson, Connor Willumsen, Bloodberry Tart, Mike Drucker, Ashley Esqueda, Cameron Kunzelman and more.

The Horror: Mansion also contains art and galleries from and inspired by the games in the book. 

The book will also have a series of profiles focused on recent indie horror games like  Fear and HungerWorld of HorrorFAITHIron LungAlisa and more. 

The Horror: Mansion is available for pre-order now, and as pre-orders increase, additional content and details will be added to the book.

Pre-Order ‘The Horror: Mansion’ Now

BUMP IN THE NIGHT (1,500 Books Sold)

Like magic, our pages will be cast into darkness. MANSION will feature black paper edges as well as debossed elements on the cover.


Some nightmares can’t be contained to a page. Additional interior gatefold art will be unleashed at this tier.

READERS BEWARE (2,500 Books Sold)

We crank up the fear factor with 38 terrifying bonus pages.

ALONE IN THE DARK (3,000 Books Sold)

Turn off the lights if you dare. At this tier, MANSION will feature glow-in-the-dark ink on the cover!