HBO’s The Jinx is one of the most shocking and revealing true-crime doco series of recent memory. And now, a second season is about to delve further into the crimes of Robert Durst.

As reported by Deadline, The Jinx – Part Two is premiering on HBO in 2024 with eight years of new investigation into the crimes of Durst and how he managed to cover up his crimes for so long.

The first season delved into Robert Durst and his rumoured crimes, which were the basis for the 2010 film All Good Things, which starred Ryan Gosling and Kirsten Dunst. It was then in the 2015 series, The Jinx, that he admitted to murder and was arrested shortly after.

Robert Durst died in 2021 while in prison.

The director of both All Good Things and The Jinx is Andrew Jarecki, who is returning for The Jinx – Part 2.

If you haven’t watched The Jinx, it’s still well worth watching, even without the massive ball-drop finale being such a surprise as in 2015.

The Jinx – Part Two will be released on HBO in 2024, with Bing, presumably, airing it in Australia.