A Detective Pikachu short animation was released by The Pokémon Company on the official Pokémon YouTube channel overnight, and it’s an absolute delight.

The great Detective Pikachu begins his day with the smell of coffee helping him roll out of bed in the morning. Newspaper in hand, coffee in another, things look like they’re starting well for Detective Pikachu, but when his human companion, Tim, realizes his flan is missing from his fridge, he has to stop production of his morning vlog to help track down who took the missing flan.

I won’t spoil who the culprit is. You’ll have to watch the entire short yourself to find out who took the missing flan!

The short ends with Tim and Pikachu exclaiming they have a new case to help Munchlax solve something. Is this teasing more of these Detective Pikachu animated shorts? I sure hope it is; this was a wonderful little animation, and I would happily take a few more of these, please.