Resident Evil Village features five main boss fights throughout the campaign and a handful of mini-bosses, some of which are optional. In this guide, you’ll find information and videos on how to beat the core boss battles and the toughest mini-bosses that you can’t ignore.

Please be aware that there are spoilers below as to who the bosses are, and the videos come with a massive spoiler warning. 

Read on for our guide on beating:

The Three Dimitrescu Daughters

As you progress through Castle Dimitrescu, you’ll have to fight all three of Lady Dimitrescu’s daughters. 


After she appears, shoot her to keep her away and work your way forward to the next room. Once inside, a cutscene will reveal a vampires secret… they hate sunlight. After that moment, just shoot the daughter until she dies. 


Now that you know how to beat a daughter, you simply have to work out how to get sunlight into the room. In this case, there’s a small crack in the wall behind a shelf. 

Shoot the daughter until she disappears, giving you just enough time to move the shelf near the wall. Once that’s moved, throw a grenade at the crack to open a big hole in the castle wall. After this, it’s a simple matter of killing the daughter. 


The final daughter fight takes place in a library area where you may think there’s no source of light at first. However, if you head to the middle of the room, you’ll find a level on one of the poles that’ll open a hole in the room. Beware that this hole closes slowly over time, so you’ll need to be ready to re-trigger that level to get back on the defensive against the vampire daughter.  

Alcina Dimitrescu

The internets favourite vampire lady turns into a grotesque flying beast, but don’t get distracted by the beast’s mouth; this fight is all about shooting Lady D in her face. 

At the start of the fight plant, some shots in Lady D’s face and she’ll fly off, giving you time to loot for some ammo before moving in the central area for this fight. 

The beast will chase you around in a circle, but you can perform an entire loop to shoot Lady D from behind. Otherwise, if you’re good at kiting her around in a circle while quickly doing 180-turns to achieve pot-shots, do that. 

When Lady D fly’s into the sky, pull out your sniper and aim directly for her head. 

Eventually, Lady D will dive Ethan from the sky, and a cutscene will trigger. Continue running up the staircase once you’re back in control, and Lady D will meet Ethan up top. Pull out your shotgun for this close encounter and aim for Lady D’s face sitting on top of the beast. It only takes a couple of well-placed shots for this fight to be over from here.

Donna Beneviento

This is less an actual fight and more a game of hide-and-seek. 

To beat Donna Beneviento you need to find her doll in the house three times. As of writing this, I have no idea if this is randomized when you play it, but assuming it’s not, here are the locations of Donna: 

  1. Upstairs in the far bedroom and next to the bed.

  2. In the dining room just next to the kitchen, where the fight begins.

  3. Right outside the elevator entrance

Salvatore Moreau

Taking on the horrific mermaid vision of Moreau is all about kiting the beast around the arena and making use of your weapons, explosives, and red barrels so conveniently left for Ethan at key corners. 

As the fight begins, Moreau will charge you, so get few shots directly into his body coming out of the mouth of the creature. Spin-around and head in the other direction. You’re looking to get as many opportunities to fire off into that face as possible while keeping a safe distance, and anytime you throw or shoot an explosive at Moreau, you’ll have a brief period to deal damage on his face. The shotgun and sniper rifle are your best damage dealers here. 

Moreau will stop and send acid falling from the sky upon Ethan in the second phase of the fight. Run to one of the cover points around the arena and wait this out. The battle continues as usual from here, and you may want to lead Moreau past those red barrels for some easy and explosive damage. As you move around, you may notice these acidic barriers have now been raised, and you can shoot and destroy those to allow yourself to get past. 

UriAs (Hammer Werewolf)

Fighting this big guy is all about using your hardest hitting weapon and dodging his attacks. You’re in a small cavern, though, so be careful with your space and don’t get cornered.

There’s a second version of this fighter later in the game, which is more or less the same but just in a much smaller zone. This fight is like the practice round. Just learn how to read his attacks, and you’ll be able to dodge them easily later. 

Sturm (Propeller Boss in Heisenberg’s Factory)

Sturm is one of the most annoying fights in Resident Evil Village because of how much health he has, so get ready for a long fight. 

Although there are several stages to this fight, there’s little difference between them all. Like a raging bull, Sturm will charge you, and if you don’t out of the way, he’ll headbutt a wall allow you to land some well-placed shots into the glowing red circle below his propeller-pack-thing. 

Eventually, Sturm will get more aggressive and begin breathing fire which is easy to dodge by getting behind cover and waiting it out.

The last stage of the fight has Sturm chasing you around long before hitting a wall or an object, so don’t get used to him running right past you and can step to the side of him like you had been in the fight up until this point. 

If you have any mines, they’re good to place around here as they’ll automatically stun Sturm, and you can get some quick pot-shots into his propellor-pack.

Karl Heisenberg

This is one exciting fight as you start it off in a tank that Chris has crafted with a chainsaw arm, missile launcher and machine gun attached. 

Phase one of this fight is straightforward; strafe around, constantly firing your machine gun and firing the missiles into the glowing red parts on Heisenberg when you see them. If Heisenberg gets too close to you, you can block his attacks like you would if you weren’t inside the tank. 

Eventually, you’ll get knocked out of the tank and have to do things the old fashioned way. There’s plenty of covers to be found and ammo on the ground for you. Kite Heisenberg around the field while turning around to blasting his face as you can. The sniper is the best to use here if you can. 

In the final moment of this fight, Heisenberg will send Ethan sky high, and he’ll jump back into the tank. Just make sure to land your shots on Heisenberg’s face, and you won’t die. 

Mother Miranda

Mother Miranda has a couple of different attacks and phases, but she’s not too hard to take down as long as you keep moving. You’re in a circle arena for the fight, so strafing around isn’t hard at all. 

Shoot Miranda whenever you see an opportunity and listen for the audio cues for when she’s about to attack. At first, she’ll begin moving or jumping towards you, which are easy attacks to dodge as long as you’re moving away from her.

When Miranda begins flying in the air, she’ll summon three orbs that’ll take a couple of seconds to charge up before she flings them at you. You can shoot the orbs to destroy them, but I found moving around the room as she goes to shoot them at you was a better use of ammo. 

After you take her down for the first time, she’ll send the room into black and white darkness. Strafe left or right around the room, and you’ll hear her coming before you see her, but as long as you land your shot, you’ll exit the black and white mode. She brings this attack back shortly, so remember what to do. 

The rest of the fight is a mix of everything you’ve already been through, even if a little more aggressive. Keep moving, and don’t get risky with your shots on Miranda as she takes some time to kill. 

That’s it for our boss guide for Resident Evil Village. If you found this helpful, please let me know in the comments section below.